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Managing Consultant at XL2


Pt Addis / Addis Inside, Victoria, Australia

The idea of this surf blog

I decided to take 3 months off for a sabbatical in 2019 starting in February. When the decision was made I thought about sharing my experiences with my friends and other people who might be interested. I did not want to use standard social media tools like Instagram or Facebook because a lot of people are not using it and I wanted to share the story in my way.
So the idea of this website was born and I started working on it. After a while putting this website together I thought why only use it for the time of the sabbatical and not for sharing other travel adventures as well. That’s why the first blog entry became a recap of Fuerteventura holidays from last year.

My intention is to share my travel experiences regarding spots, people and living from places I have been to.

Hope you like the idea. Please feel free to leave comments on blog entries if you have been to the same places or places around that are worth to see. Or just to tell your own opinion / experience at a certain place.