Switzerland – Hiking instead of surfing

Lake Thun

Long time no blog post. Seriously I do not really know why I did not take the time to post something about our holidays last year.

Now it is time to give you some insights about our hiking and biking holidays in Switzerland last July. We decided to drive to the campsite “Talacker” in Ringgenberg which is at Lake Thun next to Interlaken. First we wanted to change campsites to travel around to different mountains but then we decided to stay there and use it as our starting point for hiking, stand up paddling or biking.

The campsite was awesome. The owner was very kind and everything was very tidy and clean. It was located just up the road from the lake. Just a 5 min walk down. It was possible to take the SUP down walking.

We were also very lucky with the weather. We had had sunshine every single day.

On our first day we took our bikes to do a roundtrip around Lake Thun.

View at Lake Thun

On the other side of the lake from our campsite we wanted to visit the Giessbach Falls. It was not the easiest way to find them but it was worth every km on the bike and every altitude difference we took.

Giessbach Falls

On our way back we rode the last part of the track directly at the lake.

The second day we got a tip from a German couple on the campsite that the Harder Kulm which is located directly above Interlaken is worth to see and the way back would lead back to our campsite. So we decided to take the cable railway to the “Top of Interlaken” and walk the Hardergrat back to our campsite.
And the tip should turn out as one of the best views we got on our trip.
But the idea to take the cable car up and walk down more than 1000 meter as untrained hikers was not the best one. The muscles in our legs needed the next whole day to recover. Which we did on the lake on our SUPs.

“Top of Interlaken” – Harder Kulm

The following days we did day trips to the Oeschinensee and Engstligenalp.
At both spots there were several options for a hike to the top. We hiked nearly 35 kilometers on both spots. The best part of the hike at the Oeschinensee was the end of the hike where I jumped into the lake.


At the Engstligenalp the highlight were the waterfalls called “Engstligenfälle“.

Way to the Engstligenalp

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