Wing Foiling – my first experience

Since I first heard of wing foiling in 2019 and saw the first videos I wanted to try it myself. But back in 2019 the prices for material such as wings or boards were very high due to the fact that there were only a few manufacturers on the market.
Last year I took again a deeper look on the market and found a wider range of companies selling wings and foils. In case that we could not travel that much in May last year I thought it would be a good alternative to try the wing game on our lake nearby here in Düsseldorf and bought my first wing. My idea was to start only with the wing on a SUP board and maybe then move to a foil board later.

My first wing was a 4.0 m2 Cabrinha Cross Wing. For me it was a good choice of size to start wing surfing and to get a feeling for the wing. As I windsurfed some years ago I found that handling the wing was quite similar to the handling of a windsurf sail but without having a mast connected to the board. So I was able to surf and do turns on the lake with the wing on a SUP. Just go out and come in became boring after a while. I decided to buy a foil board and a foil as the second step.

I did not want to spend so much money for a board and a foil so I took a look at eBay offers. But the offer on eBay was manageable. One day I was lucky to find a Fanatic Sky SUP with 140 liters of volume and bought it straight away. Now I needed to find a suitable foil for for beginners which makes lifting easy. The eBay market was empty. Whether you got nothing or very overpriced for used materials. So I ended up buying a new one from Gong Galaxy. The Gong stuff is compared to other companies affordable and you can change the sizes of the wings of the foil later on.
With my new setup I tried to wing foil on our lake near Düsseldorf for the first time. The combination of the foil board and the wing made it a little bit more complicated because the foil board maneuvered a little bit faster than the SUP. But having 140 liters helped to get used to it 😉
Now I came up with the next problem: The wind on the lake was often to weak to lift the foil – conclusion: a bigger wing. Giving the guys from my preferred supplier a call I had to realize that I was not the only one starting with that sport. No wings available!
After a waiting time of about one month they gave me a call and sent me a 6 m2 RRD wing. The wing also has 2 windows which makes it easier to see other people on the water. In case that 6 m2 are quite big that’s a really useful feature.

Finally I had a setup where it began to make fun flying over the lake. I took me about 3-4 sessions with lifting the foil and directly falling off the board until I found the best position to keep the balance on the board. After that point it made so much fun to fly over the water 🙂

When I am asked to explain wing foiling I often say that it is a mix between kitesurfing and windsurfing. I really like the less material you have to carry compared to the windsurfing stuff.
For me it became a cool fun sport in addition to surfing on homeland lakes or places where you do not have waves. I will definitely keep on that wing thing and try to learn turning.

If you also started with the wing sport please share your experiences and thoughts.

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