Landlocked Surfing in Germany

Surfing Wellenwerk

Jochen Schweizer Arena (Munich)
End of 2018 I tried the wave in the “Jochen Schweizer Arena” close to Munich the first time. The wave in the arena was the first indoor wave in Germany. The wave height is up to 1.40 m and the water temperature is warm with nearly 26 degrees Celsius.

To book a slot I used the website of the Jochen Schweizer Arena. It was easy but I could only book a slot for an intermediate session because I had no own board with me in Munich. A pro session is only bookable with own material. Since 2019 a session costs 49.90 € plus additional 5.00 € for the board rental.

A session lasts 45 min and you have to share your experience with 11 other people so that your real surf time is not very long.

Surfing Boot Düsseldorf
Surfing Boot Düsseldorf

Boot Düsseldorf
Beginning of this year a got a slot on the Wave at the Boot trade fair. If you want to surf The Wave you should every now and then visit the website of the fair and hope for a free slot. The surfing is free. You just have to pay the entrance fee of the fair itself.

Surfing Surf Langenfeld
Surfing Surf Langenfeld

Surf Langenfeld
During the year I spend some time at @surf_langenfeld which is located between Düsseldorf and Cologne. In Langenfeld they build the first wave swimming in a lake. It was built by UNIT.

The wave is up to 1.60 m high. The water temperature depends on the air and lake temperature 😉

Being outside and having to paddle after a wipe out brings the surf experience a little bit closer to a real surf experience in the ocean. The price for one hour of surfing is 37.00 €. A board rental is included. You share the wave with max. 11 other surfers.

Due to the swimming construction the wave is not always as clean as it could be. Sometimes you get a little bit of white water at the edges of the wave.

Surfing Wellenwerk
Surfing Wellenwerk

Wellenwerk Berlin
The third standing wave I surfed was the City Wave of the @wellenwerk in Berlin. With a height of 1.60 m it is the highest indoor wave in Germany. The wave in the PRO session is really powerful and makes a lot of fun. For a PRO session you have to pay 41.90 € for one hour of surfing. If you have to rent a board you have to pay 10.00 € extra in the PRO sessions. In the beginner and intermediate sessions the board rental is included. As a rental board you get a KANOA foamy. It is also possible to do a board test which has to be paid extra.

If I compare all of the standing waves mentioned above I would say that at @surf_langenfeld you get the most value for your money. The staff working there and the atmosphere at the lake makes it the best experience for me. If you are living in the area it might be an option to buy a 11 for 10 ticket which saves you 37.00 € if you are planning to surf that often.

If you prefer being weather independent with always warm water and a consistent wave for the whole hour of surfing I would recommend the @wellenwerk in Berlin.

Please let me know if you made similar or maybe totally different experiences.

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