Facts and figures


As I promised in one of my earlier posts I wanted to give you an update about some facts and figures I collected during my 3 months of travelling.

I collected the facts with my RipCurl GPS surf watch and the iPhone Health app.

Water time 2 d 11 h 10 min
Days surfed 35
Distance surfed / paddled 204 km
Surf sessions 49
Waves surfed 292
Top speed (surfing) 36,3 km/h
Longest Wave 171,2 m
Distance walked / run 472 km
Steps 665.000
Flights Climbed 1411

Beside these personal stats I drove a few thousand kilometers within Australia (about 6000), Hawaii (about 1000) and the US (about 2300).


At the end I have to say that every kilometer I drove and every step I made was worth it. It was an awesome journey that I would definitely recommend and do again.


Right now I am working on a summarized travel report that I want to finish this year.

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