Surf, Skate and Relax


The last days we spent in Manhattan Beach to surf, skate and relax… Or better say I surfed and skated and Heike just relaxed 😉

Towards the end of our journey together we wanted to spend a few nights in a row at one place. One our way the week before we found that Manhattan Beach might be a good option because it is also close to the airport and you can visit Venice Beach and other places, too. In addition to that I also had a few options to surf as well.


Surfskating  Surfskating

In Santa Barbara I bought a new Carver Skateboard which I used to cruise along the beach boardwalk between Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach.

Go Surfing  Lifeguard Watch Tower

I went surfing at Manhattan Beach, El Porto and Manhattan Beach Pier. Those places are all good to surf. I can not really tell which tide is the best. But I would say that before high tide it is best to surf there. The swell was not perfect those days but there was always a little peak showing up that was able to surf with my 6.2 Fish or the 6.0 Squash Tail.

Since yesterday we are back home in Germany and I can not really believe that 11 weeks of traveling are over :-(. I will now go through all my pictures and create some galleries for the best / most significant places and write some travel and surf recommendations for Victoria, Hawaii and the West Coast USA. It is worth to keep an eye on this blog!

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