One week full of surfing :-)


Last weekend my last 2 weeks in Australia started. During my 4 weeks here I had 2 weeks where the surf was not so good. So I decided to start one full week of surfing and headed down to Torquay on Monday.

Monday – The surf in Torquay was not so good predicted and unluckily the prediction was right :-(. Nevertheless I went in the water for at least a couple of hours of surfing. It was not the best day but also not so bad as it should be.

Tuesday – Made the decision to stay down in Torquay for the rest of the week I headed down to Torquay again. The surf prediction was not so good again but luckily this time the surf was better than the predictions. I surfed for 2 hrs in the morning in Torquay and another 30 min in the afternoon in Jan Juc. Thats were I stay at Jo’s Airbnb place which is awesome. Having been a surf teacher for many years Jo gave me lots of tips for surfing around the Great Ocean Road.

Wednesday – As the predictions were pretty good but with a lot of wind I decided to give Pt Addis a try which mostly works at low tide and is a little bit more protected from the wind. What can I say… It was an epic morning with 2 hrs of surfing at Addis Inside with a lot of fun and very good waves. After finishing surfing the weather wants to prove that Victoria can have four seasons in one day. It was cold and freezing the rest of the day. That prevented me having a second surf that day ;-).

Thursday – Same start as Wednesday and even better surf :-)!!! Surfed at Addis Point and had a couple of perfect waves. That’s how it should be! After a lunch break and a visit at surfcoastIMAGES I went for a second surf at Torquay Surf Beach. It was ok, but could not exceed the morning session. After the surf I went along the coast to take some pictures of the coastline and surfers at Winkipop and Bells Beach (find the pictures in the Travel Picture Book!).

Friday – That was THE day of the longest wave I have ever ridden :-). I went for a morning session to Torquay where I started surfing with my Chilli 6.0 and changed to my Kanoa Fish’nChixx when the waves were getting smaller. It was the perfect board to ride the waves from the point to the beach. In the afternoon I went for a coastal walk with my family.

Saturday – To avoid full lineups I went for a morning surf to Pt Addis where I expected less people than at Torquay Beach or Jan Juc because of the long weekend. The waves were just average but it was ok to have some fun in the water. And that’s what it is all about. After a lunch at the beach I went back to Keilor and will have a rest until Tuesday when I will go back to Jo’s place for the last surfing days here in Australia.

Result of one week full of surfing:

Hours surfed 12
Distance paddled 35 km
Waves surfed 51

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