Wilsons Prom and Ninety Mile Beach

When I stayed at the Island Accommodation on Phillip Island I was convinced to go surfing on Monday morning again. But as surfing is a weather dependent sport I had to rethink my plans as I got up early and saw now waves against the predictions.

I decided to head off to the Wilsons Promontory National Park directly. After driving all the way I have to say that all driving is worth it. The Wilsons Prom is a breathtaking national park with beautiful beaches and walks for every fitness level.

Wilsons Prom Wilsons Prom Wilsons Prom

I decided to do the beach walk from Whisky Bay over Picnic Bay to Squeaky Beach and the walk from Darby River to Tongue Point. At the end I had a total distance of 17 km of walking and two new blisters on my feet 😉 But the views I got on this walks were amazing so the blisters were worth it.

You could easily spend more than one day at the Wilsons Prom to do all the other walks and hikes. You can even do overnight hikes.
Find some of the walks on this website:

Accommodations are available in the park but should be booked upfront. I decided to sleep in a little town called Fish Creek which was good because of the low hanging clouds next day I decided to move on to the Ninety Mile Beach. At first I wanted to do the whole trip towards Lakes Entrance but because of good waves in Torquay I changed my mind and went all the way back to Melbourne on Tuesday (and it was worth it).


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