Surfing on Phillip Island

One week ago I traveled to Phillip Island for the weekend to see how the surf looks like on “the other side” of Melbourne. I checked out two surf beaches “Surf Beach” and “Cape Woolamai” on the island and the surf beach of Kilcunda at the old Trestle Bridge.

Unfortunately I arrived at Surf Beach close to low tide which made surfing impossible because the waves went to small closed out ones. I could imagine that this spot would be good between high and mid tide. When the tide came in again I tried to catch some waves with my Fish’n Chixx which worked out ok ;-).

Surfer at Cape Woolamai 

On Sunday I went to Cape Woolamai which is an awesome surf beach. Once you passed the strong currents at the front beach you will get perfect left and rights outside. You just have to decide if you paddle left or right. When I got out I had to learn that the waves are pretty strong too and that I had to decide carefully when to take off.
For me as an intermediate surfer I think it won’t be possible to surfe there when the waves are getting bigger than 1-1.5 meter.

Surfer at Kilcunda

On my way from Phillip Island to Cape Paterson I stopped at Kilcunda Surf Beach which is a nice low tide surf spot. It is protected and the waves are coming nice and clean.

Sundowner on Phillip Island

In the evening I went back to Cape Woolamai again and watched some guys surfing in the sunset. It was the perfect place to enjoy the end of the day while seeing the sun going down and listening to the ocean.

For accommodation I chose “The Island Accommodation” which is a hostel located at the beginning of the island. I can highly recommend this one. It is nice, clean and cheap and beside that it is close to “Cape Woolamai”. I decided to stay in a 4 bed room with own bathroom.

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