Joined Melbourne free walking tour


Walking around the city is a good alternative when the surf is flat ;-). That’s why I joined Melbournes free walking tour for a trip around the city yesterday. It is a tour done by locals for free. Our tour was done by Laura and it was awesome. You get a lot of information about history and other background information about the city.
Although I have been to Melbourne several times now I enjoyed it and got a lot of new information. For more information visit:

For getting into the city I used my car. It is good to know that you can park at the Queen Victorian Market for only 18$ the whole day on non market days (Monday / Wednesday). Beside that there was the night market on which usually is on Wednesdays in summer. There you can get food, drinks, music and other stuff.

If you want more information on places to go in Melbourne you can follow Laura on her Instagram account:

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