Bad luck with my surfboard and first surf on Tuesday

Torquay Surf

When I opened my board bag after my arrival in Melbourne I saw that one side of the tail had a ding. So my first task was to find a repair shop and hand it in. The second was to contact Singapore Airline for the favor they did to me.

After I brought my board to the Surfboard Surgeon, I rented a board at Boardriders in Torquay and went for a short surf at Torquay Point. I loved being in the water again but my surf was not that good ;-).
I can highly recommend to go to the Boardriders store at the Surf Coast Highway. They are very friendly, have a lot of advice and good boards to get as a demo.

Hopefully the Surfboard Surgeon fixes my surfboard fast so that I can use it again. But at the moment the surf is not that good anyway so that I do not miss that much. Starts to be better again on the weekend.

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