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Finally I finished most of the planning for my 3 months trip.

I will start my trip in Melbourne where I will be located most of the time to surf some waves along the Great Ocean Road and to take some lessons at Great Ocean Road Surf Tours. Eventually I will head to Sydney and find some waves on my way. I will spend more ore less 6 weeks in Australia with a short trip to Tasmania as well.

After 6 weeks I am going to head east to Hawaii. There my plans are not finished yet. I will arrive on Oahu and think about to stay there for a bit more than a week. After that I am not sure where to go. Move to Maui and maybe see Moloka’i or visit Hawai’i, the big island. May be one of you have a good hit what might be the best option.

The last two weeks of my journey I will spend in California together with my girlfriend. Maybe search some waves in San Diego and move on to Las Vegas with a stop over at the Joshua Tree Nationalpark.

If anyone of you has a good idea what I should see on my trip please just add a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Planning the journey

  1. Well, if you want to go to Las Vegas I would recommend to replace Joshua Tree by Bryce Canon. It’s not on the way and you’d have to travel a bit further on to Utah. But it’s definitely worth the while: The scenery is breathtaking!
    Enjoy your trip and return safely!

    1. Moin Moin,
      Thank you for your tip. Discussions are on now. Luckily there is some time until I move on to the US.

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