Recap from Fuerte 2018


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Last year I have been twice to Fuerteventura for surfing. Both times we lived in the area of Costa Calma. Using this as a starting point you can easily reach two good surf spots. The first one is La Pared on the west coast of the island and the other one is the spot at the lighthouse down in the south in Jandia.
The last one does only work well with a big west swell. But smaller waves at mid to high tide are also good for fun sessions. This beach is also good for beginners and intermediates.
From my point of view La Pared works good nearly every day. Especially in the morning when the wind is not that strong the waves are much better. The waves in La Pared are best when it is mid to high tide.
At low tide you have to watch out for the rocks in the water. But as they are good to see you just have to keep your eyes open 😉

If you are also interested in windsurfing Fuerteventura offers you best chance to separate your days in morning waveriding sessions and afternoon windsurf sessions.
One of the best spots on the island is the lagoon at the beach called “Risco el paso”. Here the wind blows constantly offshore. At high tide sometimes the lagoon is full of water which offers you the possibility for freestyle surfing in knee high water. To get an impression how it looks like you can see some pictures of Seppi jumping around in my gallery of Fuerte.

Even on days without waves or wind you can stay active on Fuerteventura and go for a SUP tour along the eastern coast. You can start at one of the calmer beaches of Tarajalejo or La Lajita.

Living is quite cheap on Fuerte. You can get good accommodation via AirBnB or other booking sites starting at 30€ per night. Supermarkets and restaurants are also not very expensive.

I would always recommend to take your time to drive from north to south. There are so many good places up north around El Cotillo or down in the south in Morro Jable. If you need some hints for dinner just write me an email or comment this post.

Some impressions from surfing you can find in my galleries here.

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